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Product Unit of Sale
American Seeded Buns 4'' 1x48
Seeded Buns 4.5'' 1x48
Kara Floured Baps 5'' 1x48
Floured Baps 4'' 1x48
Kara Seeded Buns 5'' 1x48
American Seeded Buns 5'' 1x48
Feri/Dry Yeast 500g
Garlic Bread Slices 120pcs
Large Pitta Bread 30x6
Large Pitta Bread x120
Large Pitta Bread (Eghoyan)  
Small Pitta Bread 20x12
Small Pitta Bread x120
Small Pitta Bread (Eghoyan) 10x12
Laila Pappadoms 60x200g
Tortilla Wraps 12'' 10x10
Tortilla Wraps 10'' 10x10