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Product Unit of Sale
Brazilian Chicken Fillets (Honeycomb) 1x15kg
Perdix Batterd Chicken Fillet Burgers 3x8x125g
Meadow Vale Battered Chicken Fillet 20x120g
BBQ Chicken Wings 1x1kg
Meadow Vale Chicken Burgers 2x1kg
Meadow Vale Battered Chicken Nuggets 2x1kg
Meadow Vale Hot & Spicy Wings 2x1kg
Hot 'N' Kickin' Chicken Wings 1x3kg
Fresh Chicken Wings 1x10kg
Hot Chicken Wings 1x2kg
Fresh Halal Chicken Breast Fillet 2x5kg
Hot 'N' Kickin' Chicken Goujons 1x2kg
Meadow Vale Hot & Spicy Chicken Fillet 18x110g
Meadow Vale Hot & Spicy Chicken Mini Fillet 2x1kg
Whole Muscle Popcorn Chicken 1x1kg
Southern Fried Chicken Fillet Burgers 90g 30x90g
Meadow Vale Southern Fried Chicken Mini Fillet 2x1kg
Meadow Vale Southern Fried Chicken Fillet 16x150g
Southern Fried Pieces 1x48
Whole Tandoori Chicken 1100g 10x1100g
S/F Chicken Fillet Burgers 110g 18x110g