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Product Unit of Sale
Brush Handle 580204 1x1
Bleach 1x5l
Broom Head 1x1
Centrefeed Roll 1x6
Caustic Soda 1x5kg
Caustic Soda (Large) 1x25kg
Dettol Bathroom Cleaner 1x750ml
Heavy Duty Degreaser 1x5l
Deepio Degreaser Spray 1x750ml
Disinfectant 1x5l
Deepio Box 1x6kg
Dustpan And Brush 1x1
Fairy Expert Sanitiser Spray 1x750ml
Glass Cleaner 1x1l
Kentuky Mop Handle 1x1
Kitchen Cleaner 1x750ml
Kentucky Mop Bucket & Wringer 1x1
Kentucky Mop Fitting 1x1
Kentucky Mop Head 1x1
Lift Spray Cleaner 1x5l
Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll 90mm - 2 1/4 '' Core 1x12
Mop Head xl 1x1
Mop Handle 1x1
Metal Scourer 1x10
Sechelle Oven Cleaner Spray 6x1l
Sponge Scourers 1x6
Green Scourer Pads (Large) 1x10
Stainless Steel Cleaner 1x5l
Thick Bleach 1x5l
Vinyl Gloves Medium/X-Large 1x100
Washing Up Liquid 1x5l
Emerald 20% Quality Washing Up Liquid 1x5l
Deepio Washing Up Liquid 1x5l

Cleaning & Hygiene