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Product Unit of Sale
Sulphite Bags 10''x10'' 1x1000
Grease Proof Bags 10x10 1x1000
Sulphite Bags 12.5''x12.5'' 1x500
Brown Kraft Bags 13''x14'' 1x500
Sulphite Bags 5''x5'' 1x1000
Grease Proof Bags 5x5 1x1000
Scotch Bags 6x4 1x1000
Grease Proof Bags 6x5 1x1000
Grease Proof Bags 6x6 1x1000
Sulphite Bags 7''x7'' 1x1000
Grease Proof Bags 7x7 1x1000
Sulphite Bags 8.5''x8.5'' 1x1000
Grease Proof Bags 8.5x8.5 1x1000
Brown Kraft Bags 12''x12'' 1x500
Fish & Chip Bags G/P 14''x11'' 1x500
Brown Kraft Bags 10''x10'' 1x1000
Brown Kraft Bags 19''x21'' 1x500
Brown Kraft Bags 8''x8'' 1x1000
Bar Order Pads 1x10
Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks 1x200
Medium Duty Refuse Sacks 1x200
Extra Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks 1x200
Clear Bin Bags 18x29x39 1x200
Backing Patchments 1x6
2oz Clear Plastic Cups & Lids 1x1000
C500 Microwave Containers 1x250
C650 Microwave Containers 1x250
Large Carrier Bags 1x1000
Medium Carrier Bags 1x2000
Chip Boxes 1x100
4oz Clear Plastic Cups & Lids 1x1000
8oz Clear Plastic Cups & Lids 1x250
12oz Coffee Cups 1x50
Small Cling Film 30cm x 300m 1x1
Large Cling Film 45cm x 300m 1x300m
No. 2 Foil Containers 1x1000
8oz Polystyrene Containers 1x500
9''x9''x1.5'' Foil Containers 1x200
9''x9''x2'' Foil Containers 1x200
10oz Polystyrene Cups 1x1000
2oz Polystyene Containers 1x1000
4oz Polystyrene Containers 1x1000
7oz Polystyrene Cups 1x1000
Duplicate Order Books 1x6
Aluminium Foil 1x75m
Aluminium Foil Large 1x1
Foil Bags 7''x9''x12'' 1x500
No. 6a Foil Containers 1x500
Large Fish And Chips Boxes 1x100
Small Fish And Chips Boxes 1x100
No. 2 Lids (Heavy Duty) 1x1000
6a Lids (Heavy Duty) 1x500
Foil Wrap 12''x12'' 4kg
Jumbo Carrier 1x1000
Lids For 2oz  Cups 1x1000
Lids For 4oz/7oz Cups 1x1000
Lids For 8oz Containers 1x500
9x9 Lids 1x200
Large Patch Handle Carrier Bag 15''x18''x3'' 1x500
Medium Patch Handle Carrier Bag 14''x14''x3'' 1x1000
Plastic Chip Forks 1x1000
Plastic Forks 1x1000
S4 Carrier Bag 11x17x21 25 Mu 1x1000
Salad Bags 8''x10'' 1x1000
Oval Salad Containers 375ml 1x300
Oval Salad Container  250 Ml x600 1x600
Salad Container 500mlx300 1x300
Single Ply Serviettes 1x5000
Soft Single Ply Serviettes 1x5000
Large Sos Carrier Bags 10''x15'' 1x250
Medium Sos Carrier Bags 8.5''x10''x13'' 1x250
Wooden Chip Forks 1x1000
Medium Wrapping Paper 20'' x 20'' 1x10kg
Small Wrapping Paper 17''x20'' 10kg
Large Wrapping Paper  20'' x 24'' 1x10kg