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Product Unit of Sale
Chicken Tikka Topping 1x1kg
Diced Halal Chicken Toppings 1x2.5kg
Halal Turkey Ham Julienne 1x1kg
Halal Meatballs 1x1kg
Halal Salami 1x1kg
Halal Spicy Beef 1x1kg
Sliced Jalapenos 1xA10
Meatballs 1x1kg
Halal Pepperoni 1x1kg
Pepperoni 1x1kg
Pineapple Pizza Cut Large 1xA10
Pineapple Pizza Cut Small 6x825g
Pork Shoulder 1x5kg
Sliced Salami 1x1kg
Smoky Bacon 1x1kg
Universal Smoky Bacon 1x1kg
Sliced Black Olives 1x2.35kg
Spicy Beef 1x1kg
Large Sweetcorn 1xA10
Small Sweetcorn 12x320g
Halal Tandoori Chicken 1x1kg

Pizza Toppings