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Product Unit of Sale
Aubergine 1x1
Carrots /kg
Cauliflower 1x1
Cucumber EACH
Frozen Spinach Leaf 4x2.5kg
Garlic (Net) 1x5kg
Green Chillies 1x100g
Green Peppers 1x5kg
Iceberg Lettuce EACH
Lemons EACH
Frozen Mixed Vegetables 12x907g
Cooking Onions (Medium) 1x25kg
Cooking Onions (Large) 1x25kg
Spanish Onions 1x20kg
Peppers - Mixed /kg
Garlic (Peeled) 1x1kg
Potatoes (Washed) 1x20kg
Potatoes (Unwashed) 1x25kg
Jumbo Potatoes 1x25kg
Red Potatoes (Unwashed) 1x25kg
Red Cabbage 25kg
Red Cabbage (Small Net) 1x12.5kg
Red Chillies /kg
Red Onions 1x4kg
Red Peppers (Box) 1x5kg
Sliced Mushrooms 1x2.55kg
Tomatoes - Box 6kg
White Cabbage 25kg
White Cabbage (Small Net) 1x12.5kg
Whole Mushrooms - 3lb 1x3lb